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Celebrating 18 years in business in New England, Adaptive Minds, Inc. (AMI) provides custom systems development, architecture, consulting and training services to businesses located in over a dozen countries and industries. Companies know that when they turn to AMI for top-notch web, reporting and database solutions, they receive quantified results at overall lower costs.

Staff augmentation and mentoring is a core part of our business 

Time and time again, Fortune 1000 companies, midsize businesses and start-ups have turned to Adaptive Minds for high quality talent to build intelligent custom web and database systems. 

We integrate off-the-shelf software with custom built software to bridge the gap be-tween customers and businesses, auto-mate business processes, help manage-ment make better decisions and meet customer-specific objectives.

What type of work does AMI do? 

  • We helped GTECH design and develop a reusable web-based Player Services product system that issues claim payments, tracks subscriptions so players can repeatedly play the lotto/numbers and tracks gambling habits so rewards can be credited. We then helped GTECH to reuse the product system to customize it for West Lotto, one of Germany's lottery systems, which involved heavy load performance tuning, internationalization in different currencies and tailoring of business rules and user interface.
  • We helped CVS architect and develop a web based Stock Ledger Inventory Control System that takes feeds from numerous stores and vendors, and calculates the Gross Margin and Shrink for Finance to report to Wall Street.
  • We developed XML web services for a premier Boston-based Healthcare claims service provider that services doctors and insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).
  • We help government agencies and utility organizations to modernize or convert billing and customer systems using the latest programming standards in Java, UNIX and Oracle or Microsoft.
  • In addition to publishing credit data to a web report ordering system, Adaptive Minds designed and developed numerous XML WEB SERVICES for a credit and sales provider that delivers business publishing data in real time to 3rd party applications using the popular web service XML model.
  • We designed and developed a mobile application that runs on SmartPhones and helps regional sales managers from companies like Burger King to see the demographics on a location with one click, reducing costly trips with realtors and cutting new store opening cycles dramatically. 
  • We were the web architects for Ariba's first web sourcing solution, a reverse auction B2B exchange that linked buyers and sellers online, and has been used by companies like FedX or Dell to make multi-million dollar purchases of parts like screws for their next line of computers. 
  • More...

We help businesses who either need a full-service outsourcing company to build an entire software system, or organizations that have a technology team already assembled and require one or more  certified consultants acting as enterprise software developers or architects to augment or mentor the staff to successfully complete a project. We have provided the following services to numerous companies:

  • Multi-tier web application and web service design, development and deployment under Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE, Java EE)
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) using the Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology, Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Entity-Relationship (ER) modeling
  • Middleware, infrastructure and reusable frameworks, including persistence frameworks such as Hibernate, TopLink and CocoBase
  • Database design, infrastructure and implementation in Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Access and more...
  • Software and database design, mentoring and training
  • Back-end transaction and web service design and development using .NET, SOAP, COM and MTS
  • Windows Commercial Application development using VB, PowerBuilder, C++ or Delphi
  • Wireless development in GIS, GPS or LBS applications
  • Network architecture and engineering

If you need more information on any of our services, please contact us for a hassle-free, cost-free discussion with an actual business consultant.

A privately owned, independent company, Adaptive Minds, Inc. provides its clients with only the most qualified experts for virtually any web application, including those on the cutting edge of information systems technology.

We work closely with our customers from initial planning through delivery, providing you with detailed budget and scheduling information at every stage of a project.

Some web companies offer web art, and some companies offer web science. Most companies do not do both well. We offer what the majority of customers really want: the harmonious integration of web art and web science. We leverage our vast experience and partnerships in solving real business problems on the web to bring our customer a high quality product for an overall lower cost.

For over 11 years, Adaptive Minds, Inc. has been nationally  recognized by clients for superior software quality, service and commitment.

Leading companies including CVS Corporation, Textron, GTECH, City of Providence, Ariba, Nextel, Napa, Cirrus Wireless, MapScape,,,, and Tranell have relied upon the services of Adaptive Minds, Inc. to meet their individual project needsOur experience enables us to deliver quality software systems, using the best tools available, in order to meet your business needs.


August, 2013 - Adaptive Minds' client releases Java web services developed by AMI and consumed by salesforce, the de facto web based CRM choice of over 100,000 companies.

August 19, 2013 -
Adaptive Minds airs on ESPN radio as a public service sponsor. Click to listen.

June, 2013
- Adaptive Minds designs and develops  web-based executive Dashboard that put financial and inventory big data at management's fingertips at multi-billion dollar fashion and jewelry retailer, powered by Java, Oracle, Jasper, Spring and Hibernate.

January, 12 2012 - Adaptive Minds hired to design and architect a suite of Java Enterprise web services that integrate the de facto web based CRM choice of over 100,000 companies.

October 5, 2011 - AMI lands Java-based web portal and reporting development contract at multi-billion dollar fashion and jewelry retailer. 

June 30, 2011 - Adaptive Minds selected to provide large utility with Java EE, web, client/server CIS and Oracle development solutions for extended period. 

May 1, 2011 - In the community, Adaptive Minds sponsors 2011 youth baseball teams. 

January 29, 2011 - Utility ranked top in the nation launches new utility bill to hit over 280,000 households and businesses each year, developed by Adaptive Minds using Java web services on Linux and Oracle. System integrates custom USPS bulk sorting to reduce mailing costs by 26%.  


April 30, 2010 - In the community, Adaptive Minds sponsors 2010 youth baseball teams in Cranston and East Greenwich. 

Jan -2010 - Adaptive Minds to deliver web service and RSS feed of real-time credit scoring alerts and news for financial data provider, enabling businesses to track their customers.  

Oct - 2009 - Adaptive Minds to build custom enterprise media management system to  store mass amounts of engineering photos and  schematics presently on paper using Oracle Application Server and Java.   

May-2009 - Utility launches new enterprise application mobile handheld devices on Windows CE with help from Adaptive Minds. 

Feb-2009 - Adaptive Minds designs and develops XML Web Services to bridge GIS and Customer Information System for utility organization.

Dec-2008 - e-Credit launches XML Web Service for instant credit approval of business credit data, powered by Tarnell data and Adaptive Minds web service development.

Oct-2008 - Tarnell launches web based J2EE Credit Publishing System to Fortune 1000 Manufacturing companies, thanks to architecture and development of Adaptive Minds.

May-2007 - Tarnell turns to Adaptive Minds, Inc. to build web service for its credit information products.

Apr-2007 - Web based clinical water test tracking system goes online for utility customer using J2EE and Oracle, with core design and programming by Adaptive Minds.

Jul-2006 - Large municipality turns to Adaptive Minds, Inc. for Customer, Financial and Automated Meter Reading system design and support solutions using Linux/Java and related technology.

Mar-2006 - Leader in global lottery industry offers Enterprise Series  Player Relationship Management (PRM) product and redesigned electronic claims and payment system, with architecture, design and development services from Adaptive Minds, Inc.

–2005 - Boston law firm, Doonan, Graves, and Longoria again turns to Adaptive Minds to deliver expanded case file solution for their clients in the State of NY, MA and ME via automation of over 100 forms.

Aug–2005 - Distribution Solutions turns to Adaptive Minds' as Internet Service Provider to host their corporate web site.

Sep-2004 - Adaptive Minds, Inc. helps to deliver large enterprise system on IBM WebSphere/DB2, J2EE and Hibernate for leader in global lottery industry.

Sep-2003 - Providence Water completes billing and work order system and database migration  to Oracle 9i, with DBA and software development expertise of Adaptive Minds.

Jul-2003 - City of Providence awards Adaptive Minds, Inc. long-term contract for customer billing software and Oracle 9i technical solutions and support.

May-2003 - Adaptive Minds, Inc. opens office in Warwick, RI.

Apr-2003 - Online Healthcare Solution Provider, Navimedix, expands 'Back Office' transaction suite, with project leadership and technical expertise in MQ and web services from Adaptive Minds, Inc.

Mar-2003 - Leading pharmaceutical company completes Inception, Elaboration and Construction phases for Iteration 1 of enterprise inventory control system with lead technical architecture expertise from Adaptive Minds, Inc. 

Apr-2003 - RI Public High School turns to Adaptive Minds, Inc. for Internet and network architecture services.

Mar–2003 - Boston law firm, Doonan, Graves, and Longoria again turns to Adaptive Minds to deliver a case file solution for their clients in the State of Maine.

Feb–2003 - Adaptive Minds again delivers major improvements to  customer financial system for largest water utility supplier in RI.

Oct-2002 - Boston law firm, Doonan, Graves, and Longoria, automate legal documents and client records through Massachusetts case file application, outsourced by Adaptive Minds, Inc.

May-2002 - Fortune pharmaceutical company to introduce enterprise inventory control system using J2EE and RUP, with architecture, design and development help from Adaptive Minds, Inc. 

Apr-2002 - Narragansett Bay Commission successfully automates meter inventory change control via Internet messaging in J2EE, outsourced by Adaptive Minds, Inc. 

Feb-2002 - Tarnell Company turns to AMI's database and web expertise to move commercial web credit system to Providence

Jan-2002 - Textron Inc. launches corporate branding web portal using LDAP and J2EE reusable object framework, with Java design and development solution provided by Adaptive Minds.

Oct-2001 - Adaptive Minds partners with Nextel to launch mobile GPS Java application on Motorola cell phones

Jul-2001 - Cirrus Wireless and MapScape launch InterNet wireless location information system to fortune 500 mobile corporate users, outsourced by Adaptive Minds 

Apr-2001 - Ariba Sourcing Launches Global and Private online market-place with development help from Adaptive Minds

Feb-5-2001 - Ariba Sourcing Launches New Version on-schedule with design and development help from Adaptive Minds

Sep-18-2000 - launches Internet entertainment B2C and B2B e-portal on Java and Oracle 8i, outsourced by Adaptive Minds

Jun-6-2000 - Ariba To Acquire for ~ $550M

May-01-2000 - announces IPO and selects Adaptive Minds to augment staff with development of next major release on WebLogic...

Apr-5-2000 - launches version 3 on-schedule with powerful new functionality, outsourced by Adaptive Minds, Inc...

Jan-31-2000 - launches B2C e-portal  on Oracle 8i and Java architecture, outsourced by Adaptive Minds, Inc...

Oct-18-1999 - launches B2B e-portal for the manufacturing industry.  Adaptive Minds, Inc plays lead web architecture role.

Sep-15-1999 - launches web based  education forms and database for State of Louisiana and State of Massachusetts, outsourced by Adaptive Minds... 

Aug-30-1999 - City of Providence chooses Adaptive Minds, Inc. for Intranet development of water billing, archive and customer management systems.

Jul-15-1999 - Eastern Enterprises launches web based automated meter reading billing interface, outsourced by Adaptive Minds...

May-1999 - Adaptive Minds incorporates in state of RI and MA.

1998 - Adaptive Minds under its former name completes development of Java based Intranet for City of Providence, a first of its kind in the city. 

1997 - Adaptive Minds under its former name awarded billing software development contract by City of Providence. 

Oct-1993 - Adaptive Minds under its former name leads development on pioneer product named O-0 ProjectGuide for Art of Software. O-O ProjectGuide was delivered to fortune 500 companies and endorsed by James Rumbaugh, co-founder of object oriented methodology. 


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