Case Studies

Adaptive Minds, Inc. has a flawless track record of e-business consulting solutions that were completed successfully on-time with high-quality standards. 

Working with Adaptive Minds, Ariba -- the leading global provider of B2B and open commerce solutions -- launched 3 new releases of its Sourcing product in less than 6 months. The enhanced, private and global marketplace sites exceeded their original objectives, and all releases were launched on-time, to specification with Ariba's high quality standard approval.  Read more... 

Working with Adaptive Minds, - the leading provider of broadband college entertainment - went live with not just one site, but three sites (B2B, B2C and an employee extranet), on-schedule in 60 days. Founded by Doug Liman (director of box office hits "Swingers" and "Go") and David Bartis (developer of the television series "Everybody Loves Raymond", "Providence" and "Will and Grace"), is powered by Oracle 8i and J2EE Application Server technology in a robust 3-tier, multi-threaded architecture.  The launch attracted unprecedented industry attention, and within 6 months, and NibbleBox merged under the leadership of nibblebox's founders and secured their second healthy round of funding. - the first company to provide online consumer reporting on boats - is another Adaptive Minds client. And Adaptive worked with Mariner1 to launch its original B2C web portal, and went on to complete two later versions of the web site. The site links millions of marine recreation enthusiasts with boat dealers, repair facilities, marinas and other marine service providers, designed to simplify the process of selecting, buying and maintaining a boat. The site is powered by Oracle 8i, EJBs, JSP, Servlets in a multi-tier, multi-threaded architecture. 

Working with Adaptive Minds, - a B2B startup web portal for e-procurement sourcing contracts, supply chain automation and business auctions - opened their online doors for business in 60 days. was so successful that Ariba acquired them for roughly $600 million 8 months later.'s on-time launch won widespread media attention for its technological innovations in Java, Oracle 8i and UNIX, including front-page coverage on InformationWeek. - a seasoned Application Service Provider (ASP) to state and regional educational agencies - is another Adaptive Minds client.  Adaptive Minds worked with to launch Internet applications for Commonwealth of Massachusetts and State of Louisiana in 60 days. The applications, powered by SQL Server, COM+ and ASP, provide student data management and reporting services over the web.

Working with Adaptive Minds, the City of Providence and Providence Water Supply Board -- the largest municipal water supplier in Rhode Island -- launched an IntraNet Customer Relationship Management system on schedule in 60 days.  Among the technological innovations was a custom data storage technology and a 100% Pure Java system that took advantage of Java Servlets within months of Sun Microsystems release of Servlet technology. After the release, Adaptive Minds has successfully worked closely with the City of Providence to streamline its billing systems, automate wireless meter reading and optimize Oracle database technologies. 

Working with Adaptive Minds, AMR Data Corporation, a subsidiary of KeySpan -- the largest natural gas distribution company in the Northeast -- launched an IntraNet application on-schedule in 45 days. Targeted at specific water utility organizations, this technological innovation automates the synchronization of wireless automated meter reading (AMR) devices and Oracle utility billing systems.


For over 12 years prior to joining Adaptive Minds, our senior consultants also provided major technical innovations as employees to big name global companies including IBM Corporation, FleetBoston Bank, Fidelity Investments and TownsendTarnell, Inc.